The Meeting of Two Passions

As the name Catherine Adam Photography & Design says, I am a visual communicator whose creative passions lie in both photography and design. There have been times when I have asked, 'should I be less, have fewer passions, narrow myself down?'. But I have learned that if I were to do that I would be going against the grain of what makes me who I am.

The tools of my trade — photography and design

The tools of my trade — photography and design

So, I continue to explore the world of creativity in both the realms of graphic design and photography—I'm an explorer at heart! And it is proving to be a worthy adventure! More often than not, I find myself in the midst of a sweet spot where both photography and design naturally combine to create a rich goodness. 

The strongest aspects of me, and what the core of my business is based around, are Photography and Print Design. And it is exactly these two branches (I have discovered) that have a way of naturally intertwining to create one sweet harmony. 'Simply Being' for example—I photographically documented the simplicity and beauty of the world around me and then the graphic designer in me stepped up and turned the project into a unique-to-me calendar (there is a 2018 version in the pipeline too!), and I am currently working on the book design phase of this project. It's nice, and pretty handy, being such a good match with oneself!

The latest project that fits into this same vein is nearing completion of phase one: Working title: 'UPPER CASE lower case—A photographic exploration into an industry-turned-craft — letterpress'  

Me #1: Graphic Designer / Typographer
Ink, wood, metal, machinery, paper—letterpress. This form of design makes my world an extra happy place. The tactile quality, the craft, the skill, the incredible machinery. I love it so much I decided to become a committee member at The Printing Museum (NZ’s letterpress museum)!

Me #2: Photographer
This past year I have been having a whole lot of fun photographing The Printing Museum in action. Each Monday I have been heading over to the depths of Mangaroa Valley in Upper Hutt (it's a pretty amazing place out there!) and hanging out with a great bunch of chaps who have been only too willing to teach me all about what was once their trade.

A selection of images from this project were exhibited at Photospace Gallery, 1st floor, 37 Courtenay Place, Wellington, from 25 August – 9 September 2017. And a Limited-Edition exhibition catalogue (with a letterpress cover of course!) are for sale. Below is a little taste of the project, the people, the machines, the typography.